RACK — Anonymous real-time chat app.

100% private and discreet. Random names and avatars, straight-to-the-point chats.
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Inside RACK

On RACK you are connected you with like-minded people in real time to decide what will happen next. Forget about browsing through never-ending user lists and social networks, leave left/right-swiping behind, say no to waiting for hours for the partner to reply. RACK is 180-degree different.

So, what's the deal?

On RACK you choose a random profile picture with a nickname — nobody gets to know your real name

And what's next?

We connect you with other same-minded people — you get to see their avatars and randomly assigned names.

That simple?

Yes. Be whoever you want to be, play your game and get straight to the point. Whatever happens next is none of our business.